AdBlue - The use and importance of it

AdBlue is becoming increasingly more commonplace. Sometimes known as Urea, which makes up of 32.5% AdBlue, it is used to reduce the harmful NOx emissions produced by diesel vehicles. It is injected into the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) system to cause a chemical reaction converting the NOx into nitrogen and water vapour, harmless, naturally occurring chemicals.

European legislations have been coming into force since 1993 to reduce emissions from engines on commercial vehicles and improve air quality. The emission standards have become increasingly stringent and in 2005 the limit of NOx meant AdBlue was being increasingly used in diesel vehicles and the most recent legislation, Euro 6 which came into force in 2014 meant that the SCR system and AdBlue was required in diesel vehicles and by January 2015 this applied to newly delivered cars too.

AdBlue is not hazardous, but is corrosive and therefore it is important that specially designed equipment with compatible materials is used for handling and dispensing. Bell Flow Systems offer specially designed AdBlue dispensing equipment to meet various requirements from high flow transfer to filling of small vehicles with specially designed low flow kits.

The new AdBlue drum dispensing kit is ideal for filling tanks on cars and small vehicles. It is important when pumping the fluid in the tank that the flow is not too high as the tank can easily spill out and this kit restricts flow to less than 10 l/min to allow safe and reliable dispensing. The kit includes a special resistant trolley to hold the drum, an electric transfer pump, delivery nozzle and includes all accessories including hoses and drum adapters. All electronics are housed in a protective casing to avoid any potential spills damaging the kit. There is also an optional digital display to show the dispensed volume and the option of a pre-set controller or fuel management system to control and manage each dispense and limit those who can use the kit.

These are ideal for private use for companies with vehicle fleets with AdBlue tanks. Bell Flow Systems offers a range of supply kits to be used with drums, IBC tanks and any other storage tank and can create bespoke systems tailored for your needs in fluid supply and handling.

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